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20 ton overhead crane

20 ton overhead crane has various models diving according to working occasion and environment. All of them are double girder overhead crane. The overhead double girder 20 ton crane consists of bridge structure (main beam, end beam, runway of trolley, driver cab), crane hoist, running device of overhead crane and electrical system. This crane is able to move along rail of plant wall, or elevated trackway of outdoor. Double girder overhead travelling crane is one of the most important automated tool and device.

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foundry overhead crane
15 Tons Foundry Overhead Crane

AQ-YZ 20 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

• Lifting Capacity: 5~320t
• Lifting Height: 6~18m
• Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
• Working Class: A6~A8
• Working Temperature: -10℃~55℃

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15 tons overhead crane
15 Tons Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

AQ-QB 20 Ton Overhead Crane

• Lifting Capacity: 5~75t
• Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
• Lifting Height: 6~18m
• Lifting Speed: 3~5m/min
• Crane Travelling Speed: 20m/min
• Explosion proof Grade: ExdⅡBT4、ExdⅡCT4
• Working Class: A4

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overhead crane sale
15 Tons Overhead Crane

AQ-QD 20 Ton Overhead Crane

• Lifting Capacity: 5~450t
• Span Length: 10.5~31.5m
• Lifting Height: 6~18m
• Lifting Speed: 2.1~12.5m/min
• Crane Travelling Speed: 42~90/min
• Working Class: A5~A6

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Slide wire of 20 ton overhead crane

There are three types of slide wire of overhead crane including unipolar modular sliding contact line, Tube type multiple sliding contact line and seamless slide wire.

Unipolar modular sliding wire

This wire consists of V shape H type aluminium alloy body guide rail pressure slide belt, PVC insulated enclosure, external type collector and hanging, fixed device. This wire has compact structure and dust proof function, besides, it is easy to maintain and compact. For this advantages, unipolar wire is widely used on occasion that has large electric current, and high operation frequency, fast speed and poor environment.

Tube type multipole sliding contact line

This wire is made up by polyvinyl chloride polymer shell, flexible multipole electric brush set and
Some transmission of copper conductor. For its compact structure, safe and easy maintenance, it is widely used on plant, garage, port, and station.

Seamless wire

This wire use advanced technology, which can always have electricity, for it delivers power by oxygen-free copper. This makes it has better electric conductivity, contact ability and easy to be installed. As the perfect update product, this wire has following features:

1. Easy and save time. This wire adopts no joint installation, which need less space and can save time.
2. Stable, fast and low noise. This wire is made by special material, which has low noise and fast speed.
3. Small installation bending radius. The smallest installation bending radius is 750mm.

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