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Overhead crane can be designed into different tons, you can choose the capacity of you overhead crane, and we make your customization from overhead crane manufacturer. Basically, common standard single girder overhead crane is able to lift loads which capacity below 20 tons. However, there are special designed crane whose maximum loads cannot reach 20 tons. For example, hanging overhead crane, this new design overhead equipment gets rid of traditional supporting structure, and it is hanging from ceiling rail.
Because of this design, it can lift loads no more than 10 tons.

The same as single girder grab overhead crane and metallurgy overhead crane, for another function need, this crane is suit for loads under 10 tons. The rest single girder overhead crane is Europe type overhead crane, its rated capacity is under 16 tons. It confirms to the need of FEM standard, and the national standard of China as well.

15 tons overhead crane

15 ton overhead crane

15 ton overhead crane is widely used in many occasions to help raising labor efficiency, and meeting the need of fast and dense transporting of ...
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10 ton crane

10 ton overhead crane for sale

10 ton overhead crane of our group is sold all over the world, and it wins good reputation for our manufacturer. You may want to ...
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high quality overhead crane

5 ton overhead crane for sale

5 ton overhead crane is crane equipment that highly demand by types of factories, plants and garages. This crane is able to meet the need ...
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3 ton overhead crane for sale

3 ton overhead crane belongs to light duty lifting device that handle loads for three tons. This crane usually is made into single girder overhead ...
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2 ton overhead crane for sale

2 ton overhead crane is featured product of the crane manufacturer, this crane is designed for light duty loads transportation in your workplace. Generally speaking, ...
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1 ton overhead crane

1 ton overhead crane is the lightest crane lifting device to transport loads in assorted plants. Because of the difference of working occasion and the ...
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30 tons overhead crane sale

30 ton overhead crane

30 ton overhead crane is lifting device that carry loads below 30 ton. There are sort of double girder overhead cranes that confirm your ...
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25 tons overhead crane

25 ton overhead crane

25 ton overhead crane is one of featured products of manufacturer. This type of crane belongs to double girder crane. Unlike single girder overhead ...
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20 ton crane

20 ton overhead crane

20 ton overhead crane has various models diving according to working occasion and environment. All of them are double girder overhead crane. The overhead ...
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Double Girder Overhead Crane

40 ton overhead crane

40 ton overhead crane, as you see commonly used in construction site and bridge building project area, is made up of bridge steel structure, ...
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Double girder overhead equipment has more heavy capacity than single girder. If you want to carry more heavy loads, a double girder crane is the best choice. QD electric overhead travelling crane of double girder type can carry loads under 450 tons. And YZ double girder overhead crane is able to lift loads below 320 tons. As single girder overhead crane, double girder travelling cranes have explosion proof function, flame proof function and fit for high temperature environment. There are different types of equipment, choose the one according overhead crane parameters.

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Firstly, our company is the leading overhead crane manufacturer of China, and it locates on China’s heavy machinery base, HeNan province. Advantage of industrial agglomeration make gain support from government. And high quality and strength steel material are always pursuits, here we promise you that you can get a higher quality product compared to other manufacturer in the same price. In addition, our company is professional on overhead crane business, all problems concerns overhead crane, you can get an answer. Just contact us in anytime anywhere.

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