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Overhead cranes have sort of models of our group, each type of them has unique function. And their overhead crane design is to meet the need of different occasions. To make you choose overhead cranes fit your factory best, here are some equipment divided by working environment and occasion.

If you want to transport loads in a shop, overhead shop crane can meet your need. Generally speaking, space of a shop is limited, and there is less heavy duty objects going to be lifted, so you can choose a portable overhead crane, or a ceiling overhead crane. Portable cranes is easy to move and operate, you can place it anywhere you want. This short size overhead crane can save lot of space and carry loads below 10 tons. Besides, if you do not want a manual one, you can buy an electric mobile overhead crane. A ceiling overhead crane is also a good choice, the design of this crane saves supporting structure of bridge structure, and overhead crane can hang on ceiling rail. Which suits for low headroom.

foundry overhead crane

Foundry overhead crane

Foundry overhead crane, also call casting overhead crane. This crane is designed to hoist molten metal of high temperature, and use widely on foundry industry, ...
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Workshop overhead crane

Workshop overhead crane is the important overhead device to transport heavy loads in modern factory. Due to different type of workshop, you can choose the ...
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garage overhead crane sale

Garage Overhead Crane

Garage overhead crane is the overhead lifting equipment that used in your garage. You can choose the one suits your garage best, crane manufacturer provides ...
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steel industry overhead crane

Indoor overhead crane for sale

Indoor overhead crane is crane device that used inside your factories. Basically, it is suitable for overhead crane to be placed inside factory, because it ...
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overhead shop crane

Overhead shop crane for sale

Overhead shop crane is kind of overhead crane lifting device that used in your shop, you can choose any model you like among types of ...
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casting overhead crane for sale

Industrial overhead crane

Industrial overhead crane is the hot sale crane that used on kinds of factories, you can use it on factory, workstation, power plant, steel melting ...
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For modern industry, there are different working environment. To meet the needs of special environment working plants, our manufacturer designs overhead crane according to different condition of each factory. If you want to lift high temperature molten metal, you may need an overhead crane that used on high heat space, our metallurgy overhead crane can meet your need. This crane is designed for high heat place, both main crane parts and hoist trolley have flame proof ability, and for trolley hoist, it has thermal baffle to protect motor from high heat. If you want to transport steel product, an electromagnetic overhead crane is great. This overhead can hold steel product like steel plate, steel joint and steel block. You can choose to hold those objects directly or put them into a wooden box. What is more, this crane has double brake system, if there is a sudden power off, loads that hold by overhead crane cannot fall at once, instead that this crane will low down all loads safety.

There are workstation overhead crane, garage overhead crane and overhead crane for indoor use, you can choose freely. No matter which crane you choose, our company promises you high quality product in the cheapest price.

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