It is easy to find a high quality overhead travelling crane if you check by capacity. To make your purchasing process easy and fast, here are products of group dividing according to capacity.
You can choose the right products between small overhead crane and largest overhead crane, small overhead travelling crane, as you can see, it is to lift and transport light duty objects. While the largest overhead crane is for heavy duty loads.

No matter what kind of overhead crane you may choose, our company promises you that you can get high strength equipment in a quite competitive overhead crane price. Following are the most representative products from our company overhead crane manufacturer.

heavy duty overhead crane

Heavy duty overhead crane

Heavy duty overhead crane, also called large overhead crane, this overhead equipment used widely on construction site, industry, factory. Most of heavy duty overhead cranes ...
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high quality small crane for sale

Small overhead crane

Small overhead crane, as the most special model among electric overhead crane, is accepted by many factories, especially those that transport light and medium weight ...
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Portable overhead crane is the most special small overhead crane, this crane is not only short in size, but also can be moved. Its maximum capacity is under 10 tons. If you want to move loads under 10 tons, this crane is a good choice. For overhead crane hoist system, you can choose common electric hoist like chain hoist and wire rope hoist, or higher class Europe types hoists. You can also choose hanging over small overhead crane, this crane is able to move along wall rails, which saves supporting structure under bridge system.

If you want large overhead crane, there are double girder crane that can rate loads under 450 tons. Besides, our firm provides you largest overhead crane used on especial occasions. If you want this large overhead crane for foundry and casting factory, our firm provides you equipment that can reach 320 tons. You can also choose high quality explosion proof overhead crane, grab overhead crane and metallurgy travelling overhead crane. All crane you buy have a 12 months warranty, during this period, if any overhead crane problem happen because of quality issues, we will solve it as soon as possible.

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