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Overhead crane of manufacturer contains different types, in order to make your purchase easy and convenient, we divide overhead cranes into single girder and double girders overhead based overhead crane girder.

Single girder overhead crane and double girder crane are divided based on rated capacity, most single girder crane is able to carry loads under 20 tons, except some crane used on special occasions. No matter single girder overhead crane or double girder crane you want, Excellent manufacturer accept your customization. Besides, function of overhead crane doesn’t be changed.

There are some special overhead cranes that you may want to learn about. The first one is explosion proof overhead crane, unlike common crane cannot be used on explosive factory, this crane is able to use on occasion fulling of explosive gas and dust. Both of overhead crane girder and winch trolley of this crane have explosion proof ability. Metallurgy overhead crane is special designed equipment for high temperature environment, which is popular for casting and foundry industries. If you want to save space of your plants, ceiling overhead crane (hanging overhead crane) may meet your need, this new design device is able to hang from ceiling with supporting of bridge structure.

double girder overhead crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane for Sale

Double Girder Bridge Cranes are most frequently used where capacities over 10 ton and/or spans of 60 to 100 ft are needed. They can be utilized ...
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single girder overhead crane

Top running single girder overhead crane

Single girder overhead crane is one of the best seller crane of manufacturer. This crane has a excellent performance almost on any application, even on ...
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There are many other girder overhead cranes, you can choose what you want, no matter what type of overhead crane you choose, you will get high quality equipment in the cheapest price. Besides, our firm makes the following promises to ensure your right:

1. All overhead crane accessories including motor, drum and crane girder are brand new, and using high technology. Moreover, this whole overhead crane and its parts confirms to the national standard.

2. During guarantee period, if your device has any original flaw, or adopts immature technology, quality problems, material not follow the need of contract provision and major source of hidden danger, you can ask for reasonable methods and compensation.

3. Warranty period of your equipment is 12 months, calculating since you checked and accepted. If you have any device problems within warranty period, we will reply to you and give solution in 24 hours. For serious problem, we will arrive device using site after collecting fault message and managing relevant certification.

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