About Us

Ellsen is the leading overhead crane manufacturer of China, it locates on the heavy industry base, HeNan. The advantage of industrial agglomeration brings Ellsen many support from government. Overseas buyers can get benefit a lot if purchase overhead machinery from us.

Ellsen manufacturer devotes overhead crane equipment for years, and has customers all around the world, our products are sold America, South American, Africa, Korea, and Singapore. Overhead cranes of Ellsen can be divided into three level, common overhead crane, middle class crane and high level overhead equipment, all of those device can be made into special purpose overhead crane using on explosive, high temperature and casting factories.

Ellsen Certifications

Quality Guarantee and Service Commitment

1. Quality

Ellsen overhead crane manufacturer promises that overhead crane equipment and its relevant crane parts are brand new, and adopts newest technology design and produce. Steel material and overhead crane parts confirm to national standard. Besides, they are tested seriously by Ellsen quality test group according to our quality standard.

2. Quality Guarantee

During warranty period, if you find overhead crane has the following problem: original flaw, quality problem because of adopting immature technology, material, quality doesn’t confirm to contract or relevant standard, you can ask for reasonable solution and compensation. Pay attention to that you have to give us certification to show there is big quality fault or potential safety hazard.

3. After Sale Service

Overhead crane has a 12 months warranty after your acceptance. Ellsen promises you that if you have any device problem, you will get a reply and solution in 24 hours. And operator can have a guild of crane repairing. If there is difficult device problem, after collect all equipment failure information and certification needed, our engineer will arrive overhead crane site to fix it.

4. After Warranty Service

Ellsen still provides you overhead crane service, lifelong technology support and supply spare part. The detail cost pay according to document of agreement.

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