Portable overhead crane

Portable overhead crane is different from the most types of overhead crane, rather than hanging on the rail or suspending on the ceiling of your plant, this machine beyond the limit of space. And it can reach each corner of your plants and factory. the lifting ability of this device is from 0.5 ton to 10 ton. If necessary, you can bring it anywhere needed by a car. The structure of portable crane is compact, you can tear it down, and  install anywhere you want. Such heavy duty and easy carry overhead equipment is the essential good helper.

The crane manufacturer is the leading brand in China’s heavy crane business, we provide you best quality product and professional service. Contact us if you are interested in our product. As you know one or two thing about a portable crane, you may want to learn how to install and the safety requirement of cranes. Why not read the following introduction to learn better?

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Portable Overhead Crane

• Loading Capacity: 0.5~10t
• Span Length: 2~40m
• Lifting Height: 3~60m
• Working Class: A3-A5

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Technical Requirements for Installing Portable Overhead Crane

Before installing an overhead crane, all preparation, for example, counting the number of crane parts should be done. And make sure the weld of crane and the quality of standard components should be examined. All operators should always follow direction, and concentrate on lifting process. Pay attention to wear safety helmet and tie safety belt tightly. What’s more, add temporary support after pillar is fixed, and standard knot should connect with scaffold layer by layer.

Safety Requirement

Except technical tips, there are many important safety requirement that operator should notice. The base surface should be controlled under 1%. And assembling of portable overhead cane have to obey technical need. Then, pay attention to check whether the wall support is solid enough. Frame length of your crane in vertical and horizontal direction should limited in 1/150. If you have to use the portable overhead cranes at night, operator should make sure enough light, and do not flash out drivers. Finally, examine the crane in a period of time is important. Operator should check and maintain bolt anchor, crane rail, wire rope and hanging pulley parts, safe device and linkage door. If find troubles with portable crane, stop all lifting task of this machine until it is fixed. The member bar of portable crane is key factor, check the deformation and losse joint condition regularly.

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