Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes belongs to bridge type cranes, those crane have bridge structure supporting on elevated track way directly. Overhead crane structure system is compact and scientific, it is made up of bridge structure (including main beam, end beam, track way of trolley crane), trolley, bridge structure running system and electrical control system. Crane trolley uses winching type, and it is installed with lifting device and running units of trolley. This overhead crane part moves along trolley rail in a vertical movement. Overhead crane moves along rail on factory, or rails of outdoor building site.

Overhead cranes is widely used on factories such as machining, metallurgy, chemical engineering and unclear power. According to the difference of using occasions, overhead crane has different type models. Divided by transporting and holding device, overhead cranes have hook type, grab overhead crane, metallurgy overhead for iron and steel industry, and hanging overhead crane. And all of this crane can be made into single girder or double girder cranes based on the rated capacity and working class you need.

overhead bridge crane

Overhead Bridge Crane for Sale

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Overhead Monorail Crane

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travelling overhead crane explosion proof

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane

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Hook overhead cranes adopt hook as load handling device, you can choose a single hook or add more according to transporting task and capacity of objects. Basically, a hook overhead crane has two hook, the small one play a role in handling light object, while the larger one is to carry heavy loads. This crane is used widely on warehouse and stock ground. Grab overhead crane uses grab bucket as loads holding equipment, it is common in yard, bedding plant and factory plant. Grab bucket overhead crane is suitable to carry and lift loose materials. You can choose different grab bucket due to the shape of your transporting object. Metallurgy overhead crane is designed for steel and iron factory, it is installed electromagnetic chuck, so steel and iron material can be absorbed tightly. You can choose one for metallurgy factory or industry related to material of magnetic conductivity, like steel plate, steel ingot, steel billet and structure steel.

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The overhead crane manufacturer devotes to overhead crane design and product for years, we have customers all over the world, and some of them built long term cooperation with us. All overhead crane products, no matter whole crane or parts uses high strength material, and bridge crane has certification of China’s authority. Europe type crane confirms to Europe standard.

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